Scientific dissemination

The CERV’s place in the scientific community

The members of the CERV takes part in various working groups, such as:

  • GDR Ergonomic Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics
  • Working group RNSC – Governance, Complexity and Enaction

The CERV is also part of several scholarly associations:

  • AFRV
  • ARCo

Another element contributing to the CERV’s national and international outreach is its participation in scientific events such as the Scientific Interest Group (SIG) 3D Fovea, the science fair Laval Virtual 2012, and several international conferences (CASA, IEEEVR, ECAL, VRST, ALIFE, …).

The CERV will also occasionally organise symposia, and regularly holds seminars. Members have published articles in numerous international journals and publications.