The logo

Origin of the logo:


This text is an extract from the notes accompanying the very first version of the logo put forward to the European Center for Virtual Reality:

” By using the visual symbolic representation of “agents” out of any context whatsoever, we “identify” a number of fundamental elements specific to the CERV:

– dynamics: the number and position of the agents extracted from what we imagine to be a much larger group gives the impression of movement
– interactivity: the visual effect of a coherent group is depicted by this representation
– complexity: we are working within the domain of research, and the visual complexity of the assembly of such simple but symbolic shapes represents this “intellectual” component effectively
– authenticity: by using a real extract of agents “at work” in their non-mediated form, we can avoid imposing one particular interpretation of a subjective representation of one of the concepts currently being researched here at the CERV. The association of such complex and varied disciplines as those studied here at the CERV under the emblematic concept of “Virtual Reality” is subject to constant misunderstanding, particularly due to the connotations the public attribute to the terms “new images” and “virtual worlds”…

… The graphical layout and the choice of font symbolize the rigourous scientific world of research.

The pixelization of the lines will be purposefully retained as it hints at the world of computer science by insisting upon the conceptual aspect of the symbolic representation of agents’ “actions”… “