A few key dates:

  • 1996: The creation of a public research center dedicated to virtual reality is suggested for the first time by Jacques Tisseau, at the time the director of the Computer Engineering Laboratory (LI2) at Brest National Engineering School (ENIB).
  • 1998: The project takes shape during the preparation of the Contrat de Plan Etat-Région (CPER 2000-2006), a national development project.
  • April 2000: The project is retained within the framework of the CPER 2000-2006 (research section), and reinforced by a decision from the CIADT (an interdepartmental development committee) a month later.
  • March 2001: The detailed program for the project is finalized.
  • September 2002: Calls for tender.
  • February 2003: The building work begins. The CERV was financed up to 3.8M€ by the French government (MEN and FNADT), local and regional councils (CR, CG, CUB) and the European Union (FEDER).
  • June 2004: The researchers from LI2 began working at the site.