The building

The construction project

The CERV  building is designed for a number of different uses:

  • Research Center
  • Technological Transfer
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Center for Raising Public Awareness

Many different groups have access to the center: researchers, students, businesses, schools and a specific sector of the public who are “aware” of these animation, modeling and interactive simulation technologies. Furthermore, the CERV holds a particular importance due to its emblematic status as an “interface” between research, studies, businesses and the public.

The construction project aimed to reflect these different approaches. As a result, the CERV was designed to be both a welcoming building, open to those interested in the constant evolution of these new technologies, and a workplace for research, with all the functional elements that that implies, whilst also being calm, confidential and convivial.

The architecture

The CERV is organized on three levels:

  • There are two public levels: the entrance hall and the information, demonstration and communication areas, along with management, are situated on the ground floor which overlook the square in front of the building, while the resource center and Master students’ research area are situated on the first floor.
  • The research center occupies two wings at ground-floor level (3 meters lower than the public levels) opening onto a garden patio, while the technological transfer center is situated on two partial levels.
  • The upper garden level thus corresponds to the level of the square, creating an interesting link between management, research and technological transfer.