Research teams

The IHSEV team

Officially launched in january 2012, IHSEV (Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment) is a research team associated with the Lab-STICC (UMR-6285-CNRS). The team is distributed between five institutions: the ENIB-CERV, the UBO,  the UBS, Télécom Bretagne and the ENSTAB. There are currently about 28 permanent IHSEV members at the CERV itself.

IHSEV’s research focuses on the concept of interaction between humans and artificial systems. It is structured around three axes and a transverse project: the PIDIM axis (Interactions Paradigms and Multimodal Systems), the CHSA axis (Humans-Autonomous Systems Collaboration), the EVC axis (Virtual Environment and Cognition), and the HAAL project, or «Human Ambiant Assisted Living».

For more information on the team and it’s research, see IHSEV’s website.


The CREAD (Center for Research on Education, Learning and Didactics) aims to analyse the learning, teaching and training practices, using empirical data as well as human and social sciences theoretical frameworks (particularly from the fields of psychology, education and didactics).

The CREAD divides its research between two axes: the IPE axis (Institutions and Education Practices) and the DIA axis (Systems, Instruments and Activity). Only a few members of the DIA axis currently work at the CERV, some of whom also belong to IHSEV.

For more information on the team and it’s research, see the CREAD’s website.