The CERV in Brest is a center of excellence in virtual reality with a European calling. A public sector research center, it takes part in producing and disseminating knowledge as well as developing related know-how.


Multidisciplinary research at the CERV is set up within several teams, based on modeling and simulation of complex systems in virtual reality.

The teams are led to put forward new concepts and new theories to carry out their research successfully. They implement new study methods and produce new tools to instrument these methods.

Hosting researchers (post-docs or on sabbaticals), Phd fellows and interns reinforces the CERV’s potential by creating the diversity that makes for dynamic teams.

These studies open up experimentation in numerous fields of application and give rise to fruitful cooperation with universities and industrial firms.


The CERV’s research studies are disseminated through scientific publications, and through organizing or taking part in scientific conferences and various working groups.

Dissemination is also accomplished through the active participation of CERV research scientists in teaching engineering training courses and multidisciplinary introductory courses, training through and for research.

Finally, a public sector research center must fit into its social environment. For this reason, the CERV conducts operations to popularize research and raise the awareness of the general public, particularly schoolchildren.


In the framework of developing and enhancing its know-how, the CERV builds many relationships with industrial partners. This cooperation takes numerous forms, going from a simple final-year engineering project to special contracts, not to mention CIFRE training grants and joint bids for regional, national, European and international calls for tender.

In some cases, development also involves intellectual and industrial copyrights (patents), as well as the hiving-off of new enterprises.