The European Center for Virtual Reality

The CERV is a multidisciplinaryinter-institutional research center associated with the National Engineering School of Brest (ENIB). It houses two research teams: the IHSEV (Human System Interaction and Virtual Environment) from the Lab-STICC (UMR-6285-CNRS) and the CREAD (Center for Research on Education, Learning and Didactics). It also houses a part of the Technologie and Research Institute B-COM

Created at the initiative of the Industrial IT Laboratory (LI2) of the ENIB, the CERV hosts lecturer-researchers from a wide range of fields: computer science, mathematics, educational sciences, acoustics and ergonomic psychology. The center serves several purposes, since the same site is used as:

  • An inter-institutional research center to bring together the work of various research teams by favoring virtual reality’s multidisciplinary calling
  • A development center to foster relations between research and enterprises, based on innovative projects using virtual reality
  • A virtual reality training center
  • A virtual reality discovery center to raise schoolchildren’s and the general public’s awareness about the science and technology of the future

The research

The CERV’s research focuses on virtual reality, autonomous behaviours, intelligent environments, Human-Machine interaction, and the modeling and simulation of complex systems. The center covers a broad spectrum of research themes, such as:

  • Interactive Simulation and Modeling of Collaborative Activities
  • Human Activities and Interaction Analysis
  • Phenomenological Simulations for Virtual Laboratory
  • Parallelisation of Massive Individual-Based Simulations
  • Formal Modeling and Validation of Individual-Based Simulations
  • Basic research: Autonomy, Epistemology

The CERV as an incubator

The CERV has acted as a business incubator for VirtualysCervval