The ARéVi platform

ARéVi, or Atelier de Réalité Virtuelle ( Virtual Reality Toolkit) is a C++ library for for the simulation of autonomous entities and 3D rendering. The platforms aims to facilitate the creation of virtual reality applications by providing a tool set, to which a set of additional plugins can be added.

Among other features, the basic tool set provides:

  • Means to give the entities some activities, scheduling and inter-entities communication
  • User interaction
  • 3D rendering


ARéVi was initially developed by Fabrice Harrouet and a few CERV members. Il is now used daily by the CERV researchers (sometimes in collaboration with companies), and some ENIB students.

The platform has been used in various projectsGaspar, a simulation of the human activities on an aircraft carrier, TramIt, a 2008 study of Brest’s future tramway, …. Another platform, MASCARET, was also built using ARéVi.


For more information, see the ARéVi website.