Earlier projects


The aim of the PLATSIM project was to develop a networked vehicle simulation platform.

Users could take part in the same simulation from different sites while following directions from an instructor.


The SIRENE project was funded by the French National Agency for Research. It involved creating animations for several large aquariums, in order to raise public awareness of the marine world.


Through virtual reality, the CoPeFoot project aimed to reach a greater understanding of the dynamic cooperative situations at play in football, with an eye to improving the coaches and referees’ training.


The RUSTICA project was funded by the competitive cluster Images et Réseaux. The objective was to develop a 3D animation tool capable of inserting a flock of birds within a sequence of images. Demo clip.


The GASPAR project is a simulation of the human activities on an aircraft carrier. This project uses the MASCARET platform.


The SECUREVI project was developed as a platform for civil safety, to train fire-fighters in procedure and operational command.