The INGREDIBLE project

The project page :

The INGREDIBLE project (INteraction Gestuelle cREDIBLE) is funded by the French National Research Agency. The objective is to propose a set of scientific innovations in the domain of human/virtual agent interaction: the project aims at developing a prototype of an autonomous virtual actor capable of dynamic affective bodily coupling with a human whose gestures are analyzed in real-time.

Due to time constraints, the project will not tackle linguistic and verbal aspects. Instead, the main focus will be on the body expression of emotions during an interaction and on the dynamics of the coupling of gestures.

In human-human interactions, each actor’s gesture or variation of a gesture changes the other’s behavior and vice versa. Depending on the participants’ emotional states, such a mutual influence can lead to the emergence of coordination, and of a gesture based dialogue (composed of initiatives and imitations) which is singular. It is such a singularity, so specific to “real” human interactions, which the INGREDIBLE team wants to model in the real/virtual space.

The project tends to bring together several scientific domains

  • Study and formalization of the dynamics of the body interaction between humans
  • Study on the body expression and posture of emotions
  • Real time gesture recognition and anticipation
  • Modeling of autonomous interactive agents
  • Computer generation of expressive movements and real-time adaptation


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