The CORVETTE Project

The CORVETTE Project (COllaboRative Virtual Environment for Technical Training and Experiment) is funded by the French National Research Agency. Its goal is to propose a set of scientific innovations in the field of industrial training, using Virtual Reality technologies.

The aim is to facilitate the collaboration between a real human and a virtual human when carrying out complex tasks (needing several operators) in a virtual environment.

This project focuses on natural communication between a real user and a virtual agent in task-oriented dialogues, on the autonomy of the virtual human and on real-time interaction with the virtual environment. The objective is to develop a collaborative virtual environment intended for technical training (breakdown simulation, maintenance, procedure learning, diagnosis, …) in which virtual entities can either embody the user as an avatar or act as a collaborator to help carry out a task.


– Academic partners:

  • INSA (Rennes)
  • ENIB
  • CEA-List

– Industrial partners:

  • Virtualys
  • Nexter Training
  • Golaem
  • AFPA

For more information, see the CORVETTE website.