The BIMBO project

The BIMBO project (Building the public health Impact Model for Blood pressure lowering drugs : from genes to pOpulation) is funded by the French National Agency for Research and aims to develop a model in order to further the understanding of a natural phenomenon: the buildup and rupture of the atherosclerotic plaque.

This model integrates several existing models and can be interacted with in real-time. It was designed in close collaboration with several specialists from various fields of expertise.

The objective is to be able to use this model to simulate the impact of various hypertensive drugs on human health, in order to optimise drug prescriptions according to each patient’s profile and to identify new therapeutic targets. Thus, the digital simulation will be used for in virtuo experimentation in order to provide data on the real system.


  • Biometry and Evolutionary Biology laboratory (LBBE), CNRS, Lyon
  • IBISC, CNRS, Paris

 For more information, see the BIMBO website.