The ANR project TACTIC (Contextualized support on a tablet for the transmission of command information) is a project funded by the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) from the ASTRID (Accompagnement Spécifique des Travaux de Recherches et d’Innovation Défense) 2012 call for projects.


Overview of the TACTIC project:

As part of the digitalization of the battlefield, Command & Control (C2) systems are already widespread in the military. These information and communication systems give their user a view of the operational situation, typically with a map overlaid with symbols that represent units. The system gathers information from several sources and lets the user communicate and give orders directly. Such systems are also being used, or on the way to being used, by first responders or large operators in the private sector.

An interoperability standard between C2 systems, the Battle Management Language (BML), is emerging. It is being adopted by the militaries of France and several countries belonging to NATO. It allows coding messages exchanged between C2 systems in a normalized way. Now, any design and development around C2 systems must support BML.

Military C2 systems that are to be used on the field generally have a tactile interface of small size to address the requirements of mobility and simplicity of use in difficult situations. Up to now, interfaces have been complex to use and require training.

The objective of the TACTIC project is to provide an intelligent interface on a tablet for a C2 system to handle commands that comply with the BML format. This interface will take advantage of all possibilities of gestural touch interfaces (1) to be able to effectively provide the information that applies to a broad spectrum of BML orders, and (2) to develop a cognitive man-machine interface that takes into account the context and history of use to enable actors to manage the complexity of the system.


TACTIC project partners:

  • MASA Group, project leader, makes software for military simulation. MASA SWORD, its constructive simulation software, will be used to test the interface that will be developed. MASA Group brings its experience with the Defense sector and developing software.
  • Lab-STICC (Human-System and Virtual Environments team) will focus on modeling elements and manual transformation of models. It will develop a grammar of easy-to-use touch interactions on small surfaces and interaction models adapted to BML and tablet touch screens.
  • UPMC-LIP6 will bring (1) its experience in the context modeling actors’ behaviors during interaction with an interface and (2) its software “CxG_Platform” to perform the modeling in a uniform representation of the elements of knowledge, reasoning and contexts.
  • Intuitive World will use its cognitive approach to human behavior in situations of problem solving during the knowledge acquisition phase and will participate in modeling of human behavior during interactions with the interface

General Information:

  • ANR Funding: 280 050 euros
  • Start: January 2013
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Reference: ANR-12-ASTR-0020
  • Coordinator : Caroline CHOPINAUD (MASA Group S.A.)

  • Contact Lab-STICC : Sébastien KUBICKI