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Modelling, Atherosclerosis, traitment, Health, in virtuo.

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The development of tools involved in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases related to progression of atherosclerosis which is a prevalent chronic disease in Western countries, is a major challenge. Our project is located in the heart of this medical problem. Our goal is to establish a transverse axis of research involving skills Biology-Health ( Orphy , EA 4324 ) and computer modeling ( Lab- STICC , UMR 6285 ). We aim to create a virtual model for  the atherosclerotic plaques development which is based on pathophysiological data observed in animals . This model will allow in virtuo experience. The objective of in virtuo approach is twofold. It is first, to conduct an interdisciplinary and integrative work to better understand the phenomena coming involved in the development of a complex pathophysiology. The explanatory power of the models is then dominant. This complements the experimental approach conducted in the laboratory Orphy. Secondly, we can consider the evolution of the explanatory model in a predictive model. Thus we can not only simulate the effect of different preventive therapies used in the treatment of atherosclerosis but also test dosages or different durations. This model will allow us to develop an alternative method of testing the use of animal and participate in decision making in terms of protocol to implement. Finally, depending on the results , it could be used in humans and contribute to the decision support for patients in a custom primary prevention of atherosclerosis .