The SIFORAS project

The SIFORAS project (SImulation pour la FOrmation et l’ASsistance) is funded by the competitive cluster Images et Réseaux. This project consists in developing a pedagogical system for technical training in industrial procedures.

Nowadays,  the technical nature of equipments and the operating constraints are leading to escalating skill requirements in the industrial world, which in turn calls for new training methods to meet those requirements. Moreover, each company tends to use their own platforms and computer-aided design tools (grouped under the name of PML or Product Lifecycle Management) rather than the 3D SMAX (for 3D geometry) or the UML (for procedures) modeling tools used in VEHL development.

For this reason, the objective of the SIFORAS project is to build a virtual environment using the MASCARET meta-model that would incorporate the company’s computer tools, so as to develop a pedagogical system for technical training that could be applied to all industrials.

13 partners

– 9 industrials:

  • Nexter Training
  • Regienov
  • Deltacad
  • DAF Conseil
  • DCNS
  • Virtualys
  • SNCF
  • Nexter System

– 4 research laboratories:

  • INSA Rennes
  • CEA Saclay